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Essentia Health offers positive resolution advice for the New Year

It’s resolution season — the time when many of us resolve to lose weight or quit smoking. While laudable goals, why not aspire higher and make a “positive resolution” — a behavior you’d like to start rather than stop.

Essentia Health Psychologist Paul Remark sees patients at the Essentia Health-Hermantown Clinic.  He says an attitude of gratitude is vital.

“My personal resolution every year is to take life more seriously and myself less seriously. I’ve incorporated this into my personal life and encourage my clients to do it was well,” he said. “Think of three things every day you are grateful for. Research shows that this simple task reduces depression and anxiety. Some of my married patients adapt this to always ending the day by telling each other three things they are grateful for.”

Remark challenges himself and his patients to experience three positive emotions to one negative emotion.

“I remind myself that if I have 20 negative emotions in a day, I have to think of 60 positive emotions to combat the negative,” he said. “Humorous, yes, but it helps you become more resilient.”

Essentia Health Clinical Psychologist Jodi Boerger Wilder, who sees patients at Essentia clinics in Ada, Fosston and Detroit Lakes, says time and intention are important gifts.

“In this time of hustle and bustle, finding the perfect gift, preparing the holiday meal and cleaning and preparing for faraway guests, don’t forget these three things — spend time, make memories and create traditions,” she said..

Research shows that performing an act of kindness can also improve your mood and feelings of well-being. Here’s a website that offers ideas on random acts of kindness and ideas on resiliency: