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Friends bring chic boutique to Tower Ave.

Blue Arrow Boutique owners, left to right, Aimee Glonek, Anndrea Ploeger and Britta Smith smile as they sit in a bathtub in their new store at 1404 Tower Ave. The new boutique, which focuses on fun, fresh, chic fashion, opens Tuesday. (Photo courtesy of on3design)

In less than a month, three women have turned an empty storefront into a cool blue oasis of style. The Blue Arrow Boutique will open its doors Tuesday, giving customers a glimpse behind the sign that’s decorated the front window of 1404 Tower Ave. for weeks: “Really, really good things coming soon.”

“We all have a common goal, to make this happen,” said co-owner Anndrea Ploeger.

Wednesday, the space was nearing completion. Funky décor incorporating repurposed doors, chairs and even a bathtub will hold an ever-evolving selection of trendy clothing and accessories. Sheer blouses shared floor space with classic striped tanks, lacy shirts and bold-patterned sweaters Wednesday. Custom jewelry by Ploeger decorated one wall, purses adorned the bottom of a giant wooden spool and piles of scarves and accessories waited to be discovered. Customers will find a constantly rotating selection of unique items at Blue Arrow Boutique.

“Always something new, something for everybody, and affordable,” said co-owner Aimee Glonek.

The items are eclectic, but chic.

“We’re just kind of going with the things we like and love,” said co-owner Britta Smith.

“And that’s what makes it more fun,” Ploeger said.

While the women like many of the same things, they have different tastes in their personal wear. Asked to pick their favorite pieces Wednesday, each of the owners chose something different. That diversity helps round out the collection, Glonek said.

“So we have a good variety from some simple statement items all the way up to the real fancy,” she said.

The fresh styles are tailored to everyone.

“I personally try to find things that the average person can wear,” Smith said. “You don’t have to be a size two to wear it.”

Although there will be some skirts, dresses and pants, the majority of the clothing consists of tops and accessories. Visitors are encouraged to bring a favorite pair of jeans to match with the perfect top, scarf and purse.

“We’ll help you build your outfit, build your style,” Smith said.

The three owners trace their friendship back to Solon Springs School. Glonek and Ploeger were friends from third through eighth grade and Glonek and Smith went to high school together. They have also been sisters-in-law for the past 18 years.

“We would all get together at the Covered Wagon after work and just chit chat and I think everybody was just kind of content,” Ploeger said. But Smith, who once ran a boutique in Solon Springs, was eager to return to fashion.

“I just have a passion for fashion and art and I missed my creative side,” Smith said.

Glonek, a former shop owner, was also looking to return to work after two and a half years at home with her son. So the idea for Blue Arrow Boutique was born.

Each member of the trio each brings a vital ingredient to the shop: Ploeger’s artistic background, Smith’s sure sense of style and Glonek’s love of bookkeeping and numbers.

“This is a balanced team and we can’t do it without each other,” Glonek said.

Husbands and parents pitched in to help the three renovate the space, uncovering wooden floors in the process. And Facebook interest in the shop has blossomed, with more than 400 likes in less than a month.

“We’ve had a ton of fun,” Ploeger said. “All the decisions on decorating; what will we buy; what will Superior love.”

They’re excited to be part of the newly renovated landscape on Tower Avenue, which boasts a new candy shop and donut shop.

“I would love to bring it back to the way it was in its glory days, when people came down here to shop,” Smith said. “My mom talks about that, about when she was little, coming down here and going to all the stores ... this is where they shopped, downtown Superior.”

The boutique will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The owners plan to have a constant influx of new clothing in limited quantities and a range of Niki Biki shapewear to peruse.

For a peek behind the scenes, updates and information on the shop, visit the Facebook page Blue Arrow Boutique, or the website,