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SWL&P cautions customers about disconnect scam

Reports of a telephone scam targeting Superior Water, Light & Power customers has company officials once again cautioning customers to protect themselves.

SWL&P is one of many utilities nationwide that has been targeted by a telephone scam.

Here’s how the scam generally works:

A caller poses as someone from SWL&P and instructs the home or business owner to make an immediate wire or cash payment or risk disconnection that day. Various directions are given for payment — prepaid debit cards from Walgreen’s or CVS, electronic fund transfers, routing and check numbers from bank accounts, or credit or debit card numbers.

Customers who receive such a call are advised to hang up immediately and call SWL&P at 715-394-2200 to verify account status and report the illegal activity. Normal business hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. SWL&P advises customers to call police during nonbusiness hours. The utility doesn’t want customers to fall victim to this scam.

If customers have overdue bills, SWL&P:

• SWL&P sends a written notice before service is disconnected. Customers who have not received a disconnect notice in the mail should not engage anyone on the phone offering to take payment.

• While SWL&P does accept payment by phone or credit card, it is only through third-party vendor, Western Union Speedpay, that these payments are accepted.

• Never give your personal information over the phone. Use only authorized methods to pay your SWL&P bill.