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Green light on fitness

Instructor Amanda Martinez, left, watches carefully as, from left, Lisa Walsh, Makayla Stepp, Emily Yrjanainen and Kelli Klukas hang from straps during a class at Green Light Fitness in Superior’s south end recently. (Jed Carlson/

A new business in Superior’s south end is giving participants the go-ahead to get fit.

Green Light Fitness, a new high-intensity gym, opened its doors Dec. 2. Owners Paul Rockwood and Amanda Martinez offer the latest functional fitness equipment paired with a personal approach.

Green Light Fitness caters to those who have been going to gyms for years and those who have never set foot in one.

“We tailor it to everybody and everybody,” Rockwood said. The classes are inclusive. With kettlebells, for example, “everyone can be doing the same swing, a huge athlete and a 70-year-old, both getting a work out,” Rockwood said.

The same can be said of the Jungle Gym XT workouts. A change in angle moves the exercise from novice to advanced level, letting clients train side-by-side to meet individual goals. That inspires members and often gives rise to friendly competition, Martinez said.

“It’s a good, healthy thing to do and a good place to do it,” said Brent Winans of Superior. A summer dirt bike racer, Winans started working out to turn over a new leaf and get in better shape. He was training with Martinez before Green Light Fitness opened.

“She pushes you, knows what’s good for you,” he said. A resident of South Superior, Winans said he appreciates the new gym is so close to home. The 25-year-old has lost a little weight and trimmed up. He’s also boosted his core strength and improved endurance.

“I feel better every day from morning until night,” said Winans, who works out two days a week.

For more than a year, Jackie Asuma of Duluth has been taking Martinez’s eight-week Booty Camp sessions. Those who join the program commit to taking three to five classes a week. Martinez is there with clients every step of the way.

“Without her and her program, I wouldn’t go to the gym,” Asuma said. “She’s so inspiring; she’s knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness and her gym is just so welcoming, not intimidating.”

During the first Booty Camp, Asuma lost 20 pounds. She lost 10 the next time. But as she lost weight, she gained something else.

“You just feel confident,” Asuma said. “(Martinez) knows how to bring out the best in you, to push you past the level you thought you could reach.”

With only two trainers, Green Light Fitness offers a personal touch to all their clients.

“It ends up feeling more like a family versus a business,” Martinez said, and the social atmosphere of the classes is a bonus for everyone involved.

“It goes both ways,” Martinez said. “They pump you up the same way you pump them up.”

Both trainers walk the fitness walk themselves. They find it rewarding to see the transformative power of workouts.

“It’s awesome to feel you touched people’s lives,” Martinez said.

Green Light Fitness, located in the former Bachand Electric building at 5913 Tower Ave., holds classes 6-9 a.m., 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 4:30-7:30 p.m. In addition, the business offers Advocare products and supplements. Clients can pay for classes at an individual drop-in rate, but the gym also offers punch cards, unlimited monthly passes and a $5 two-class trial for first-time clients. For more information or to schedule a class, call 218-428-1328, email or visit