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Cold air keeps heating professionals hopping

Brad Phenow

Wisconsin Public Radio

The cold temperatures that have swept the Northland are leaving many homeowners in a cold lurch when their furnace or boiler decides to breakdown.

The subzero temperatures has led to a busy season for heating companies. They’re swamped with “no heat” calls from customers who expect them to find a solution in the snap of the finger.

Karen Ball is the office manager at Belknap Heating and Plumbing in Superior. She said they’ve received several calls from people.

She said they are getting to calls as fast as they can, even if it is in the middle of the night.

Chris Scharte of Belknap Heating and Plumbing said he is working day and night to make sure his customers do not go without heat. 

“Sometime they can talk people through some things that are going on, but most of the time they end up having to go out because they want the professional there.”

Jeff Liebaert owns Tower Plumbing and Heating in Superior. He said they’ve been busy, but the snow has helped people maintain their patience when he can’t be there immediately.

“The snow insulates, people are smart enough, and they kind of catch on quick that they pack their houses, around their houses. Kind of insulates the ground so we don’t have any water freezes.”

He said one of the main issues is people using alternative heating sources rather than their standard heating system.

“They use wood boilers or wood stoves and then their heating system doesn’t come on and then the pipes freeze. If the radiation is not running, it will freeze.”

He said the best way to get heat back, is to get a hold of the professionals.

“There is a lot of panic. ... Well as soon as you have a problem, notify somebody,” Liebaert said.