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Superior contractor enters plea to theft

A town of Superior contractor who illegally pocketed money from a home construction project for his own use has been ordered to continue making monthly payments to the victims.

Andrew David Hudacek Jr., 32, pleaded no contest in Douglas County Circuit Court last week to felony theft in a business setting. A deferred judgment of conviction agreement was entered. In it, Hudacek was ordered to comply with all laws, keep the Clerk of Courts Office informed of his phone number and address, pay off more than $32,000 to the victims in payments of at least $600 a month and have no violent or abusive contact with the victims.

If he abides by those orders through Oct. 27, 2022, the charge would be dismissed.

According to the criminal complaint:

A Douglas County couple hired Hudacek as a general contractor for their 2015 home construction loan. Hudacek made three withdrawals from the account, but only two were authorized. In addition, thousands of dollars from each of the first two withdrawals was unaccounted for. In total, Hudacek pocketed $35,391.53 of the home construction money.

In a phone conversation, Hudacek told Douglas County Sheriff's Detective Mike Miller, "I guess I have been robbing Peter to pay Paul for some time now, and it has finally caught up with me."

During an interview with Miller, Hudacek said he used the money to make mortgage payments, everyday living expenses and pay an outstanding bill he had at a local lumber company.