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Former owner returns to Campus Barber Shop

Jed Carlson / Barber Mark Snow, left, cuts the hair of UWS mens soccer coach Joe Mooney for a fundraiser in this photo from 2011.

Novelist and barber Mark Snow returned from Key West, Fla., to take over operations at the Campus Barber Shop, 711 Belknap St., Superior.

"Unfortunately, the barber who was in the process of buying the shop from me for the last couple years was unable to continue due to health reasons," Snow said. "So I loaded up the car and headed back to good, old Superior."

Snow says he'll continue running the shop until he can find a new buyer for it.

"It'll be a heck of a business for the right person," Snow said. "I call it the 'world famous Campus Barber Shop.' It's been in the same great location since 1965 and we get plenty of students from UWS, just across the street, as well as locals. Many of the students are from all over the world — hence the 'world famous' tag."

Along with barbering, Snow published his first novel last year under the name M. N. SNow (sic). It's called "The Helper" and the author says it's in the vein of Stephen King or Dean Koontz.

"The reviews have been excellent," Snow said.

The book is available online and through bookstores. It can also be purchased at the barber shop and the Superior Public Library has copies as well.

Snow said he's enjoyed connecting with old friends and customers at the shop, but he's hoping for a quick sale.

"Key West is calling," he said. "As much as I love it up here, I'm hoping to be able to finish my next novel in the southernmost city. The only snow down in Key West is me. That's my kind of winter."