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Man sentenced for Grove City rampage involving a beer bottle and an ax

KC Matthew Cline

LITCHFIELD, Minn. — A Grove City man was sentenced to more than two years in prison for a violent rampage last year at a Grove City residence where he used an ax to smash vehicles and choked and threatened to kill a man who fled to a nearby cornfield.

KC Matthew Cline, 26, of Eden Valley, was sentenced Tuesday, Oct. 3, to 27 months in prison for a felony charge of assault in the second degree with a dangerous weapon.

As part of an earlier plea agreement, four other felony charges were dismissed.

Meeker County District Court Judge Stephanie Beckman gave Cline credit for 385 days he has already served in jail and ordered him to pay a fine of $140.

According to information in court files, the incident in September of 2016 took place at a house and garage in Grove City, where Cline and another man were having an intense verbal argument in the garage.

As it escalated, Cline allegedly hit the man over the head with a beer bottle, threw him against a door and punched him in the head. He also used his arm to choke the man until he couldn't breathe, court documents state.

When the man ran away, witnesses tried to stop Cline from pursuing him. The man was able to escape and hide in a nearby cornfield.

Cline then got an ax from the garage and used it to break down a door and struck vehicles with it, according to the court documents. Cline also yelled at the man in the cornfield, telling him to come out so that Cline could kill him.

When Meeker County sheriff's deputies arrived, they found the victim in the cornfield with multiple head injuries and hand wounds described as "defensive."

Cline was still at the scene and still holding the ax.

In a later interview at the jail, Cline told the deputy he had been in "rage mode" during the incident.