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Judge rejects motions for new trial in murder conviction

A man convicted in as a party to the 2014 murder of Garth Velin won't be getting a new trial.

Kane Michael Robinson, 23, was in Douglas County Circuit Court on Thursday for a motion hearing in connection with his 2015 trial and conviction.

His attorney, Melissa Petersen, put forth a series of motions, including claims of prosecutorial misconduct, ineffective defense counsel and an argument that a co-conspirator could exonerate her client.

Petersen argued that the shooter, Chance Andrews, would testify that no one else knew about his plan that resulted in the botched robbery in which Velin was shot and killed in his Allouez home. He was 20 at the time of his death.

However, when Andrews was asked to testify by phone Thursday, he made a profanity-laced statement before hanging up on the court.

Judge George Glonek ruled on each of the motions, denying any basis for a new trial.