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Trail plan gains momentum

A trail beginning at Bear Creek Park and the Tri-County Corridor is in the works to provide hikers, bikers and runners an alternative to Moccasin Mike Road to reach Wisconsin Point. Jed Carlson/

Hikers, bikers and runners have waited for nearly a decade since a plan for an alternative route to Wisconsin Point.

Now with some revisions to the plan, shared funding with Douglas County and help from the Wisconsin Conservation Corp., the trail could become a reality this fall or next spring, according to Linda Cadotte, Superior parks, recreation and forestry director.

The trail would run parallel to Moccasin Mike Road between Bear Creek Park and the Tri-County Corridor to Wisconsin Point Road, allowing nonmotorized travel to the point. It would run through Douglas County and city-owned property.

The trail would be covered with crushed concrete, from the Belknap Street project, Cadotte said.

"This was mapped out to try to avoid wetlands," Tom Bridge, a member of the Wisconsin Point Plan Implementation Committee, said during a recent meeting of the committee.

Cadotte said the wetland delineation is underway and expected to be complete this week.

The city is planning to work with the Wisconsin Conservation Corp., which would provide the labor and equipment for a modest cost, making the project affordable.

Cadotte said the Wisconsin Conservation Corp. has expressed interest in the project but an agreement hasn’t been reached yet.

"If they come on board, this is a very affordable project," said Mayor Jim Paine.

If approved by the county board, the city and Douglas County would share the estimated $108,000 cost to build the trail.

Douglas County’s Land and Development Committee approved funding up to $54,000 for the trail.

Funding for the project still hasn’t been approved by the City Council, but Paine plans to put the measure forth for the Council to consider in the near future.

"It improves public access for public safety," said Mayor Jim Paine.

After all, with the Superior Municipal Landfill located on Moccasin Mike Road, the trail gives a nonmotorized alternative to access Wisconsin Point, a safer alternative a road that frequently has truck traffic to the landfill.

"There’s a lot of stuff still at work, but it’s moving very well with that," Paine said. "I have no reason to believe that won’t happen."