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Documents, appointment needed for marriage license

With the onset of summer and increase in the number of weddings, the Douglas County Clerk's Office is reminding couples of the requirements for obtaining a marriage license.

"When couples plan a wedding event, they sometimes overlook the most important item — applying for a marriage license," said County Clerk Susan Sandvick.

There are age and residency requirements. Couples also need to provide certified documentation, including state-issued birth certificates and, if previously married, divorce decree, annulment or death certificate.

Wisconsin marriage laws and requirements are the same state-wide, however, each county may differ slightly in regard to application process and cost. The application fee in Douglas County is $100.

Where to apply for a license is determined by residency. If both, or one, of the parties are a resident of Wisconsin, application is made in the county of residence. If each reside in different counties, application can be made in either county.

The marriage ceremony can take place anywhere in the state. If the couple resides in another state, they must apply in the county where the ceremony will occur.

The Douglas County Clerk's Office requires that appointments be made to apply for marriage licenses and that couples bring all required documentation to the appointment. Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. by calling (715) 395-1569.

Application should be made no more than 30 days prior to the ceremony, and at a minimum two weeks before. Sandvick advised couples to call at least three to four months prior to the planned wedding date for information and in order to avoid any last-minute problem in obtaining required documentation.

For more information on applying for a marriage license, visit the Douglas County website,, call the County Clerk's Office or stop by the office, located in room 101 of the Douglas County Courthouse, 1313 Belknap St., Superior.