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City gears up to line deteriorated sewers

Work is underway to repair deteriorated sewers in the Billings Park and Allouez neighborhoods in Superior.

Work started May 15 to clean and inspect the sewers before work begins to line the pipes.

The projects consist of lining the sewers with a resin-impregnated fabric that makes the existing pipe more durable.

In Allouez, the city is lining the sewer between East Itasca Street and East St. Croix Street from 42nd to 40th Avenues East after routine inspections in 2013 and 2015 revealed the deteriorating condition of the segmented clay tile pipes installed in 1914.

In Billings Park, two pipes will be lined, between Maryland and Missouri avenues from North 17th Street and Belknap Street, and between Logan and Maryland avenues from North 21st to Belknap streets. The pipes being repaired were originally installed in 1913.

The projects are expected to be complete by the end of June, weather-permitting