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Council lays ground for airport plan

Superior's City Council laid the groundwork Tuesday for planning at the Bong Memorial Airport.

The council approved vacating all platted streets and alleys within the boundaries of the airport; that paves the way for the city to seek a judge's ruling in circuit court to expedite the process.

"We're going through a planning process with the airport," said Jason Serck, economic development, port and planning director. He said vacating the platted streets and alleys was recommended as part of that process by the Federal Aviation Administration and the state Bureau of Aeronautics to assemble all the properties within the boundaries.

Serck said because of the scale of the vacation and city ownership of all the property, this process will speed things up.

"This is the first time we're doing a circuit court one like this," Serck said. "It's another alternative process for vacating a large piece."

When that is done, the city will do a certified survey map of the property to solidify the airport boundaries and ownership to pave the way for planning to begin this summer.

The planning will lay out future projects and assures federal funding into the future.