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City paving projects planned

A man crosses Belknap Street at the corner of John Avenue in Superior on Monday afternoon. Jed Carlson /

Belknap Street may be the biggest street project this year, but it won't be the only city street to get attention this summer.

Citywide, numerous smaller projects will get underway as early as May 22 when milling pavement is expected to get underway, according to Public Works Director Todd Janigo.

Mill and overlay projects are planned for:

• North Fifth Street from Grand to Catlin avenues.

• North Eighth Street from Grand to Weeks avenues and Clough to Catlin avenues.

• North 11th Street from Catlin Ave to E dead end.

• Maple and Norwood avenues from Hill Street to Raspberry Avenue.

• 21st Avenue East from East Fifth to Eighth streets

• North 17th and North 18th streets from Hammond to Hughitt avenues.

• North 22nd and North 23rd streets from Tower to John avenues.

• North 24th Street to Ogden to John avenues.

• Weeks Avenue between North 19th and Faxon streets.

• North 19th Street from Catlin to Weeks avenue.

Asphalt paving operations are expected to begin around June 19. In addition to the streets above, other overlay projects include:

• 50th Avenue East from East Second to St. Croix streets.

• Billings Drive from Windsor to North 21st streets.

• Badger and Huron drives from the cul-de-sac to the end.

• Maryland Avenue from North 23rd to North 26th streets.

• Iowa Avenue from North 23rd to the dead end.

• North 37th and North 40th streets from Tower Avenue to the frontage road.

• John Avenue from North 10th (Broadway) to North 11th streets.

• Sixth Avenue East from Laurel Avenue to East Seventh Street.

• East Eighth Street from 14th Avenue East to North 21st Street.

• 13th Avenue East from East Eighth Street to the dead end.

• Grand Avenue between North 24th Street and 23rd Avenue East.

• North 24th Street from Grand to Hill avenues.

• Raspberry Avenue from East Ninth Street to Norwood Avenue.

• Ogden Avenue from North 21st to North 28th streets.

• Scharte Drive from North 58th Street to the end.

The city also has five alley paving projects planned for this year:

• Between East Fourth and East Fifth streets from Ninth to 10th Avenues East.

• Between Lincoln and North 20th streets from Weeks to Clough avenues.

• Between East Third and East Fourth streets from 53rd Avenue East to 54th Avenue East.

• Between Hammond and Cumming avenues from North 18th to North 19th streets.

• Between Banks and Tower avenues from North 18th to North 19th streets.

Janigo said the intended completion date for all projects is Nov. 1.