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Recount nets no change in Superior election

Councilor Graham Garfield held onto his seat as the 6th District representative after a recount of the ballots cast in last week's election.

Garfield garnered 142 votes to challenger Tylor Elm's 141 votes, the same results reported following the April 4 election.

Elm questioned changes in Wisconsin voting law and contradictory information available on the Wisconsin Elections Commission website.

"If you do a simple Google search, there's a PDF that was available ... that showed you could mail in your ballot on Election Day, and it was due Friday," Elm said.

The information reflected an old voting law that allowed absentee voters to mail their ballot on election day to be counted if it was received by 5 p.m. Friday immediately following the election. The new law requires the ballot to be received by 8 p.m. on the day of the election.

"There's been some communication with citizens that were confused about that," Elm said, questioning if any late ballots had been received following the April 4 election.

City Clerk Terri Kalan said her office did receive three absentee ballots too late to be counted for the April 4 election for the 5th district polling location, which includes the 6th and 10th Council Districts. All three ballots were cast for the 10th District, according to precinct information on the envelope, she said. Kalan said the clerk's office has never opened late ballots because they cannot be counted.