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Three charged in Superior bar battery

Three Superior men are facing felony charges in Douglas County Circuit Court for allegedly beating another man unconscious Feb. 25 inside a Superior bar.

The victim suffered a facial laceration that required nine stitches, concussion, intubation; he was later admitted to the intensive care unit, according to the criminal complaint.

Don Patrick Popoe, 25, David Lee Klick, 25, and Scott Rodney Wayne Schneiderwent, 21, are each facing party to aggravated battery and party to attempted robbery with use of force.

Klick has also been charged with bail jumping.

According to the criminal complaints:

Popoe noticed the victim at a bar, and told Klick and Schneiderwent that the victim owed him money.

Klick told Superior Police Detective William Braman that he didn't mean to hurt the victim.

"I didn't even know the kid," he said.

All three of the men were drunk, Klick told Braman. Popoe told them he was going to beat the kid up and asked if Klick had his back. Klick said yes, that he was his friend.

Klick told Braman that Popoe kicked, hit or punched the victim about a dozen times, going so far as to pick the victim up and slam him on the floor. Klick admitted to kicking the victim twice in the stomach while the victim was unconscious, and said Schneiderwent kicked or punched the victim twice. He said he was aware that the victim's body went limp but they continued to beat him.

Klick told Braman that Popoe went through the victim's pockets while he was unconscious, but didn't get anything.

The Superior man's account matched pictures of the incident that were captured by the business' surveillance system.

Popoe waived a preliminary hearing Wednesday; Klick waived his March 8. Both men remained in custody Thursday at the Douglas County Jail — bail was set at $10,000 for Popoe, $1,000 for Klick. Their next court appearances were set for April 17 and April 21, respectively.

An arrest warrant was issued March 8 for Schneiderwent when he failed to make an initial appearance.