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Solon Springs man sentenced for fifth offense drunken driving

A Solon Springs man will spend six months in jail for driving drunk a fifth time.

Travis Aaron Stulen, 39, pleaded guilty Feb. 27 in Douglas County Circuit Court to fifth offense operating while intoxicated and resisting an officer. He was sentenced to three years of probation and six months in jail for the intoxicated driving charge, with Huber work release granted. His driver's license was revoked for 30 months and he was ordered to maintain absolute sobriety, pay a $1,656 fine, take an alcohol assessment, submit to random urinalysis and install an ignition interlock.

The resisting an officer charge netted Stulen a concurrent jail sentence of 60 days. One count of fifth offense operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration and a license restriction violation were dismissed.

According to the criminal complaint:

Douglas County Sheriff's Sgt. Cliff Coulthard responded to a report of a possible drunken driver striking a rock with his vehicle Oct. 29 in Solon Springs. Stulen was standing outside the vehicle when Coulthard drove up, but both the woman in the car and another witness identified him as the person who had been driving the vehicle.

Stulen admitted to drinking about three beers before the sergeant arrived. Stulen performed poorly on field sobriety tests. A blood test showed he had a 0.224 blood alcohol content.

When Coulthard was placing Stulen under arrest and had one handcuff on, the Solon Springs man moved his other arm away from the sergeant and started to walk away. To keep control of Stulen, Coulthard directed him against a parked car and to the ground. At one point, after being handcuffed, Stulen told Coulthard that he would "bite" him if the sergeant touched him.