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Cleanup awards help Ashland's waterfront

Several properties in the northern community of Ashland are poised for redevelopment with the help of cleanup awards from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The awards are a mix of grants and contractor services totaling nearly $450,000 to help clean up contaminated properties in the northern Lake Superior community.

"These awards are a win-win for Ashland," said DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp. "There's the environmental cleanup that happens with the help of these awards, and there's the economic development and neighborhood revitalization that is planned locally for the properties once they've been repurposed."

Stepp said the awards are good investments for the state. A recent report, "The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Wisconsin's Brownfields Investments," commissioned by the Wisconsin Brownfields Study Group, found that for every dollar spent by the state on cleaning up and redeveloping brownfields, $14 are recovered.

"Cleaning up and redeveloping these properties fits squarely into Ashland's vision of a vibrant waterfront community," said Christine Haag, chief of DNR's Remediation and Redevelopment brownfields section. "After years of serving the community as part of the city's industrial past, the properties will become integral to the city's future."