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VIP draws Winslow from national comedian circuit

The man of 10,000 voices is coming to Superior on Thursday.

Michael Winslow may be best known as Officer Larvelle Jones from the “Police Academy” movies and his role on “Spaceballs,” but his voice shows up in some unlikely places. The sound of Michael J. Fox’s feet tapping out a Michael Jackson routine on the wooden floor as a gunman shoots at his feet in “Back to the Future 3” is not Fox’s feet at all. It’s Winslow’s voice. The comedian has mimicked the sound of NASCAR vehicles zooming past for ESPN, provided vocals for video games and recreated a tiger’s roar for a scientist. He was hired to voice the entire track to a pirate movie, from the squawk of a parrot and the swish of swords to the boots on the deck.

The sound effects master has done work on an Italian version of “Miami Vice” and voiced an evil Gremlin called Spike.

“It’s amazing what people ask you for,” Winslow said.

His assortment of sounds, standup and comic timing have sent the actor around the globe over and over again.

Thursday, Winslow performs at 8 p.m. Thursday at Vintage Italian Pizza, 1201 Tower Ave. Those who have snagged a ticket can expect a multimedia show with music, jokes, strange noises and more.

“I know everybody’s been freezing, everybody’s stressed out,” Winslow said. This is a chance for them to relax, have a good time and “forget about the rent for an hour.”

Although VIP has offered monthly comedy shows for years, Winslow is their first national act.

“We thought we would see if we could put our name on the map,” said owner Aaron Dandrea. If the show works out, he said, more big star power could be headed to Superior in the future. Why did he choose Winslow?

“I loved his acting back when he was in ‘Police Academy,’” Dandrea said.

And he’s not the only one. Tickets to the 8 p.m. show sold out last week, but a waiting list is being compiled in case more seats become available.

Those attending the show can expect a little something for everybody, from Louis Armstrong to Led Zepplin.

Chuck Androsky, who saw Winslow perform five years ago, said at one point the comedian put a “Star Wars” movie clip on the screen and provided all the voices and sound effects.

“He’s just brilliant,” said Androsky with City Entertainment. “Nobody’s better than him.”

Winslow encouraged audience members to practice sound effects of their own in preparation for the interactive show. One of the newest effects he’s working on, said the Florida-based comedian, is the polar vortex.

For more information on Winslow or a sneak peak of his talent, go to He also has a Facebook site, Michael Winslow.