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Health care website glitch results in wrong info posted for some plans

Shamane Mills, Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin's insurance regulator says there are still glitches with the federal health care website. One issue is the amount of cost sharing: Some plans listed with no deductible actually have one.

People buying health insurance through the federal government website will want to check that they're getting the coverage they want at the price they expect. The state Office of the Commissioner of Insurance is alerting consumers to technical glitches that resulted in wrong information being posted.

J.P. Wieske, a spokesperson for the agency, says details the insurer provided were correct but in a couple of cases it didn't appear correctly on the website summaries of each plan.

“So if you went into the insurer information on the website and verified what you were looking at in the PDF, you are probably in good shape,” says Wieske. “If you just looked at the summary, it may be worthwhile to double -check to make sure the plan matches what you were expecting.”

Wieske says the problems didn’t affect every Wisconsin insurer on the federal website and they didn’t cover the entire enrollment period: “It is hard to say how widespread it is. I don't think every plan has this sort of problem.”

Consumers may assume they have coverage because they signed up. But if all the necessary information wasn't relayed to insurers online that may not be the case. Wieske says consumers who have not gotten confirmation or enrollment materials from insurers should double-check they’re actually covered.