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Holiday lights contest entries 2009


Peggy and Tim Kiiski, 24A Hayes Court

Jim Karvonen, 69 E. Fifth St. (Masters)

Jeffrey Conner, 602 N. 21st St E.

Jamie Wilson, 803 E. Seventh St.

Jan O'Brien, 1712 E. Eighth St.

Pat Kelly, 1830 E. 10th St.

Brent Spafford, 1824 E. Fifth St.

Brett DeFoe, 2101 E. Third St.

Adam Bennis, 2309 E. Fourth St.

Christopher Thoorsell, 2619 E. Seventh St.

Dee Fetters, 2729 E. Third St. (Masters)

Rawlin and Stacy Hart, 2830 E. Third St.

Al and Sue Chesky, 425 31st Ave. E.

Gaye and Sarah Stariha, 3804 E. Eighth St.

Glenda Pede, 3805 E. Eighth St.

Andy Vengrin, 4825 E. Fourth St.

Gloria and Clarence Johnson, 1921 N. 54th St.

Christine Albright, 5713 Oakes Ave.

Valerie Oja, 6015 Oakes Ave.

Dennis, Patricia and Katelyn McCauley, 2017 Central Ave. (Masters)

Jill Young, 6417 Oakes Ave.

Darcy Moen, 7608 John Ave.

Spike and Debbie Mencel, 6607 Hughitt Ave.

Tim and Mary Jo Paske, 5524 Cumming Ave.

Jeff Eliason, 2319 Susquehanna Ave.

Patty Brown, 2210 Tower Ave.

Kari Bredow, 1806 Butler Ave.

Curtis and JoAnn Haas, 1109 Grand Ave.

Kim Bradshaw, 909 Grand Ave.

Lavina Maki, 509 Baxter Ave. (in back)

Rural Douglas County

David Fritz, 6590 E. State Highway 13, South Range

Donna and Stan Protokowicz, 8396 E. Highway 2, Wentworth

Neil and Tami Anderson, 8476 E. U.S. Highway 2, South Range

Katie and Keith Peletier, 9599 E. U.S. Highway 2, Poplar

Ray and Cindy Saari, 12103 S. U.S. Business Highway 53, Solon Springs.