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Photographer heads out on his rookie deer hunt

I took a picture of myself in my deer stand on Saturday afternoon during my first deer hunt. Deer stand is a hunting term that I don't think makes much sense, you walk to it, then sit down, thus it's really more of a "deer sit." (Jed Carlson/

Deer hunting is a hallowed tradition in the Northland - a rite of passage. It's as much a part of Thanksgiving week as turkey and mashed potatoes.

After nine years living up north, I've never taken part in the festivities. It's true. I have gone pheasant hunting with my dad when I was younger, which usually meant I walked up front with the dog to scare up the birds. I haven't touched a gun for a good 18 years.

Well this year is different. I got the bug last season when my girlfriend, Jenny, shot a deer on the last day of the season. Her dad came running into their home out in Oulu and told me to get my stuff because he thought Jenny got one. It turns out she did, a nice buck. Of course, I took photos of the whole process: Field dressing, dragging it back, Jenny with the deer, hanging it up and so on. Her photo ran in the Trophy Deer section in the Telegram and I want to get in on that this year.

So you might say there is a little competition - I say "little" because chances are I won't get a deer this year and she will, playing it off like its no big deal when in fact we all know it is.

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