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Dog's death remains a mystery

The case of a chocolate Lab that may have been thrown off the Oliver Bridge on Aug. 1 remains unsolved.

This week, the Douglas County Sheriff's Department released additional information about a man who may have information about the dog, which had to be euthanized.

A neighbor said that he saw the dog jump into a truck with a man shortly before the animal landed on the shore on the east side of the bridge, according to a Douglas County Sheriff's Department report. The neighbor had just given the dog, which was running loose, some water when he heard a bang coming from the road in front of his home. He looked out and saw that a boat trailer had fallen off a truck hitch. The truck stopped and a man got out to put the trailer back on the hitch.

The dog, which was in the neighbor's yard, went out to the road. After the trailer was hooked up the male told the dog to get in and the dog jumped into the truck, according to the report.

The dog didn't hesitate and it seemed as if the man knew the dog. It was only after he learned the dog died when the neighbor realized the man in the truck hadn't been the dog's owner.

The man had a thin build and short brown hair with possibly a lighter color near the bottom of the hair line. He was driving an older truck, possibly multicolored. The boat on the trailer was a 12- to 14-foot older blue Lund boat.

Sheriff's Department deputies are searching for the man who was driving the truck. He may have more information about what happened to the dog.

Anyone with information, is asked to call Detective Sgt. Ed Anderson at (715) 395-1504 or (715) 395-7234.