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'I am Sparty'

It's not easy being Sparty, Superior High School's


It takes plenty of time to don the costume as shown, at left, by senior Jason Pichard, one of two students who takes on the mighty Spartan persona to get the crowds moving at school events.

In the photo, bottom left, Kelli Ritsche, gives Picard a hand with the pads that are worn under the costume. Once the gloves are on, at right, Sparty makes an impressive entrance into the SHS gym and works the crowd with the cheerleaders.

"It takes awhile to get used to," Picard said of the spartan suit. "Its hard to see when you turn your head the Sparty head stays put."

After the game is over, the Sparty costume gets treatment of Lysol and Febreeze and a good airing out and returns to the storage room, ready and waiting for the next big game.