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New adventure, familiar place

Low water levels aren't reserved for Lake Superior in Douglas County. During a trip to Amnicon Falls State Park on Monday, I witnessed first-hand the low levels throughout the park, but to my surprise it enhanced my experience. Many times I have walked along the trails and enjoyed taking photos along the banks of the river; however, my trip Monday afternoon led me to new trails throughout the park, like walking the dry riverbed. The new, unexpected trails opened my eyes to many new areas to photograph. Places I had never even seen from the trails are now available for everyone to see.

Even staying dry while hiking into the Snake Pit Falls are now possible. A ranger told me that she usually would be giving out citations to people jumping in the pit on a day like today, but people would have to be crazy to jump in the pit with water levels this low.

If you do hike the dry riverbeds I would suggest wearing athletic shoes and be careful because even a little water on the rocks makes them slippery.

And remember to bring your swimsuit to take a dip under the waterfall, which are still running and make for a great post-hike treat.