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March Madness: The photographer vs. 'Honest Abe'

Madness, truly madness. This year it's a 6-foot-4 ex-president versus a 6-5 photographer. See, it's March Madness time again, so while I was filling out my bracket I figured I would fill out a second bracket using strictly the coin flip. My real picks versus Abe Lincoln's head or tail. The way my picks have gone the last couple of years I couldn't tell you who the favorite is in this match up.

In the first round, Abe liked three No. 15 seeds over Wisconsin, Georgetown and Memphis. He also liked No. 14 Wright State over Pittsburgh. My biggest upset pick was 12th-seeded Arkansas over USC.

The second round saw all three No. 15 seeds continue their winning ways for Abe. He also saw each No. 1 seed land on its tail, losing in the second round.

My bracket saw each one seed moving on and Duke sneaking into the Sweet 16, upsetting Pittsburgh.

Honest Abe stays on the Texas A&M CC and North Texas bandwagon, riding them into the Elite Eight.

While I take a safer approach sticking with the one and two seeds -- boring I know, but I just can't pick a George Mason-type playing Cinderella this year.

According to a shiny Lincoln Memorial, Abe's Final Four consists of Purdue, UCLA, Texas and Tennessee. After looking at Abe's picks I realized he could certainly beat me. My Final Four contains Florida, Kansas, Georgetown and Ohio State. That's three No. 1s and a No. 2. I'm almost disappointed in myself for not having more upsets, but I'm playing against pocket change here.

In the National Championship game, President Lincoln likes Tennessee over UCLA, while I like Kansas over Georgetown.

A lot of time was spent by millions of people all around the United States this week doing their research and filling out their brackets. Starting today, people will get to circle or cross out their picks as their teams win or lose their opening games.

I'll be at home with my blue Sharpie hopefully circling a lot of my teams and crossing out many of Abe's. It's not often that I pay much attention to a UNLV/Georgia Tech game, but it's March and I'm in a grudge match -- against a penny.

True madness.

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