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Foxboro woman wins again in quick-draw competition

Lori Adrihan has put another notch in her ammo belt.

The Foxboro woman placed first in South Dakota's Cowboy Fast Draw state championship last weekend.

"She is just unbelievable," said Von Wittkopf, a fellow Fast Draw shooter from Oakland. "She's knocking them dead."

"When ... under pressure, she stays focused," said Lori's husband, John.

When she stepped into the ring with the last two competitors, Adrihan was definitely feeling the pressure. In a sport where three Xs -- one for each lost match -- sends you out, she already had three. Her two opponents had one and two Xs, respectively.

"I was pretty much out the door," the Foxboro woman admitted. "I guess I just dug in."

Her stomach may have been in knots, but her shooting was quick and calm. Adrihan walked away with a trophy and a gun -- her third gun won this year.

Come June, she will defend her world champion title in Deadwood, S.D.

"Then I'll admit to myself I have talent," she said.

Adrihan, who picked up her first fast-draw pistol a year before her first win, credited her husband for how far she's come.

"He's the best coach in the world," she said, who teaches her to control her nerves, be better and be faster. "And I train him too.

"It's a nice sport for husbands and wives because you're not directly competing with each other. You can be each other's best friends."

Since July, the Adrihans and Von and Jerry Wittkopf have been sharing their passion for Cowboy Fast Draw with others. The group has grown to 17 members, Von Wittkopf said, and holds shoots at 6:30 p.m the second Tuesday of every month at the Aurora Ouisconsin Outdoor Club in Oakland. The group is actively seeking new members and invites everyone to stop by. Equipment such as pistols, holsters and targets are available for newcomers to try.

The firearm of choice is a single-action .45 western-style six-shooter pistol. Contestants square off against each other to shoot at 24-inch round targets 21 feet away.

A sensor on the target captures the speed and lithium grease on the target shows where the shot hits. Participants shoot nonlethal wax bullets. They also dress up in 1800s period costumes to relive a little of the old West.

"It is so fun," Adrihan said. "Once you try it, it's addictive."

For more information, go to, or call the Wittkopfs at 398-6952. A map to the AOOC can be found at