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Swim lessons available in Lake Nebagamon

School's out for summer in the Maple School District. That means the Lake Nebagamon public beach could see a fresh wave of activity.

"The last few days there have been quite a few people," said Swan Dawson, clerk and treasurer for the village of Lake Nebagamon. Even if number of swimmers starts to increase, the village is prepared. A lifeguard is on duty at the beach from noon to 6 p.m. every day.

"We've always thought that was important at our beach," Dawson said. The lifeguards keep watch from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Young people from throughout the area can also learn swim basics during an eight-day session in July. The classes, which run July 9-13 and 16-18, are geared for children ages 3 and older. Each day, bubble-blowing preschoolers soon gave way to sculling, diving, swimming students in higher-level classes. Donna Rykals of Cadott, Wis., has been leading the classes for more than a dozen years. The youngest students use colorful noodles, songs and play to find their comfort level in the water. Older students learn advanced kicks and strokes.

"It's just important that all these young people learn to swim," Dawson said. "And you can get it in your small community, you don't have to go to Superior."

Parents who are repeat customers said they came to the class initially because they heard Rykals was a good instructor; they returned because what they heard proved true. She makes the lessons fun, they said.

"She's fabulous," said Rose Grave, whose grandsons have taken lessons from Rykals.

Kids In Nebagamon, Lake Nebagamon Lions Club and Nebagamon Lake Association provide funding to keep the cost of lessons affordable -- $25 per child for eight lessons.

"Part of KIN's mission is to provide enrichment programs for area kids and the swim classes are especially important to kids growing up with access to a lake," said Kay Coletta, KIN secretary.

The number of children who take lessons has been increasing every year, she said, and they come from throughout the county. Past students have come from Oulu, Brule, Foxboro and Maple. Last year, approximately 70 students signed up for the classes.

Swimming lessons last 40 minutes each day except for the preschool class, which is 30 minutes long. Parents can register their children by calling Sheryl at (715) 374-2741.