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Speak up to save public land

Every day when I’m done with work my oldest son says, "Daddy, let’s go for a walk." The Lucius Woods County Park is only a few blocks from our house where my family often spends our evenings. On weekends, we go a little further. Already both my sons have been to the waterfalls at both Pattison and Amnicon Falls. On Independence Day, they swam in Lake Superior at Wisconsin Point. Someday, I hope to take them out west to Yellowstone and Glacier.

My family is not unique in the use of public lands. Right now, people are swimming, hiking, camping and fishing in our state and national parks. In the fall, there will be hunters harvesting deer in our forests, and in the winter there will be skiers on our trails.

People come from all over the world just to see these places.

Some members of our government, like Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, want to sell off the public lands in this country. This would be a huge loss to us as a people. Our parks and forests not only give everyone access to the outdoors, but also provide jobs and benefits to local economies. If you wish to prevent this loss, you can contact Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis., at 202-225-3365 and let him know that public lands must not be sold.

These lands are our lands and we want to continue using them so we need to speak out now.