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Congressional candidate seeks votes

I am running for Congress to take on Sean Duffy. He has done very little for the majority of his constituents and he gets paid $174,000 a year for it.

I believe that all people on all sides of the political aisle are sick of money in politics. Both parties spend over 50 percent of their time in call centers, seeking campaign contributions, mostly from people that do not live in their district or state. This is why there is so much civil unrest. They are not representing us; they are representing their campaign contributions.

I am a 34-year-old father of three wonderful daughters, and husband. I am currently a home care worker for my paternal grandparents, who want to age in their home. Previously, I was a community organizer. We organized community members that were or are affected by the low minimum wage, cost of health care, higher education and workplace violations. I was recently elected to my second term as a Marathon County Board supervisor. I represent the board on the Social Services Board, Education and Economic Development Committee, and the ADRC-Regional Board (Marathon, Lincoln, Langlade and Wood Counties). I am serving my second year on the BOD for a FQHC.

In 2012, my wife, Melissa, and I were awarded the Citizens of the Year Award by the Marathon County Central Labor Council AFL-CIO for our efforts to strengthen workers’ rights and helping to maintain their Worker’s Memorial.

I believe that I am the most qualified candidate to take on Sean Duffy, and because of my work throughout the 7th Congressional District over the last six years. I have name recognition. I also have what it takes to inspire a new generation of voters to get out and vote. Please support Joel A. Lewis for Congress on Aug. 9, and then again on Nov. 8.