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Hoeft offers inclusiveness

I speak on behalf of Mary Hoeft of Rice Lake, Wis., as candidate for the 7th Congressional District, seeking to encourage voters in your area to support her.

I’ve known Mary since her family and mine moved to Rice Lake in the early 1970s.

A Fulbright scholar, "Wisconsin Idea Fellow"and author, Mary has been active in our community not only in her position as professor at the University of Wisconsin-Barron County, but has served on Rice Lake’s School Board, as president of the board of directors to the Barron County Restorative Justice program and has been an active parent of two law enforcement officers. Mary has demonstrated skill and dedication in many areas of our community and continues to work on our behalf.

The deepest reason I feel urgency in asking for your vote for Mary Hoeft is the critical need we have for a strong voice representing the needs of constituents in the 7th Congressional District. The current office holder not only fails to even identify what these are, but seems unaware of specific district issues, from Eau Pleine Reservoir algae problems to infrastructure needs too often overlooked in our rural communities.

Our counties need the nurturing care Mary Hoeft has proven capable of; a strong individual with values of the American heartland. Mary has dedicated her life guiding students. Acutely aware of the effect Paul Ryan budgets have on those struggling to gain an education and a foothold on life, Mary will be the voice of those she represents — not the Wall Street moguls. Hoeft has a practiced ability of inclusiveness and caring, and wisdom enough to recognize effective compromise when needed.

Please vote for Mary Hoeft on Aug. 9, and then again Nov. 8.