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Blank serves county well

As one of the original individuals that encouraged Dan Blank to seek the office of district attorney, I have never been disappointed in Dan’s performance. He has had the integrity to serve the people of Douglas County in a fair and balanced approach in his criminal court position. Dan has demonstrated the courage to do the right thing.

Dan and his family were victims of the terrible crime of arson of their home. They could have packed their bags and left for a safer environment and green pastures. They chose to stay here and continue serving the people of Douglas County. Dan has continued to fight for victims of crime, and fights against the serious criminals.

I strongly believe that Dan Blank should be re-elected to continue to serve as our district attorney. He is dedicated to working hard in the criminal justice system. Dan has always presented a fiscally conservative budget, and in most years, has had a surplus at the end of the year. He has been a good manager of the taxpayer’s money.

Dan has been involved in advocating for additional courthouse security. He attends county committee meetings and keeps the board supervisors informed about crime trends and challenges. He is present as part of the team at many county department manager meetings.

Dan has been there for us all in court on the most serious cases for 25 years. He has represented us in Madison during Superior Days and facilitated presentations for the Superior-Douglas County Leadership Program and Citizens Police Academy. Dan’s public service and strong experience has served us well. Please join me in voting Aug. 9 to re-elect Dan Blank as district attorney.