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Vote Michalski for experience

 I have been to the town meetings, heard the speeches, etc.

Michalski has told the people who she is, her background, education and the many years of experience she has in the Treasurer’s Office. Michalski has stated she has a degree in accounting and that it has been her career and not just one of many jobs she has held.

The Treasurer’s Office really is an accounting office for the county. The county has many millions of taxpayer dollars invested in various accounts.

Given the opportunity, I believe we should elect an actual accountant to the position of county treasurer, especially one that has over 27 years of experience in the office.

Michalski also stated that if elected, she would stay the entire term, appoint a qualified deputy and not quit early as many treasurers have done in the past. Cindy Michalski has also been endorsed by the Superior Federation of Labor.

For those of you who do not know, the Superior Federation of Labor is an independent panel made up of representatives of the various unions in the area. The panel screens all of the candidates prior to the elections and is a well-respected independent panel.

I feel Cindy Michalski is the most qualified person running for the position and quite possibly who has ever run for the position of county treasurer. I’m voting Michalski.