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Schmidt offends with mudslinging

I came home with a flyer being distributed by Kara Schmidt for her Register of Deeds campaign. It’s one of the most offensive pieces of campaign literature I’ve seen outside of a presidential election.

Here’s what she says: "Dear Neighbor, You’ve probably noticed by now that my primary opponents look like your typical older county candidates. Here’s why: It’s no secret that county administrative positions are well paid and minimally accountable. This makes it possible to have an easy part-time work schedule, take long vacations and basically live a semi-retired lifestyle."

She goes on to state she was asked to run because she’s "principled, ethical and energetic."

Well, Ms. Schmidt, since you don’t seem to comprehend, let me tell you that casting your opponents as do-nothing slackers coasting into retirement just because they’re older than you is neither principled nor ethical. Your counterparts are bringing something to the table that you’re not. That’s a basic respect for others. They’re campaigning by showing the benefits they’re bringing to the office rather than engaging in mudslinging and innuendo. And as one of those "older county" workers, I can add that they also bring experience to their candidacy. They know why things are done the way they are, and can make informed decisions on new situations based on that experience. I wonder if you realize that if you ever got elected, those "older county" workers that you have such disdain for are the ones who will have to teach you every aspect of the job you’re so anxious to get, since you have zero experience with the Register of Deeds office.

And that would be the most ironic twist of all.