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Genuine civil servants running

It’s rare in any election that we have an excellent candidate for the position in which they are running. In this election in Douglas County, we are blessed to have two incredible candidates running for office. They are Carol Jones for county treasurer and Tracy Middleton for register of deeds.

As a former employee of Douglas County, I had the honor of working with both Carol and Tracy on a daily basis for almost 10 years. I also worked with their opponents, one also on a daily basis, and the other on occasional projects over the past 25-plus years in the IT field.

Since I know four main candidates quite well, I can unmistakably say that Jones and Middleton are the best candidates for these offices because they are extremely qualified, experienced and competent for the positions in which they’re running. Furthermore, they are also incredibly personable and caring individuals. Over the years, I have regularly witnessed Jones and Middleton’s customer service skills and the deep commitment they each have to the citizens of Douglas County.

Additionally, my regular experience working with Jones and Middleton has been one in which they are always smiling and they are truly genuine. I’ve often asked myself why someone would want to run for office at all and I now realize this is not just a job to them but it is truly who they are — helpers and faithful civil servants.

In closing I have nothing to gain from endorsing Carol Jones and Tracy Middleton. My only motivation for writing is to let other voters know that we have a chance to actually elect two of the kindest and most-qualified candidates to run for office in a long, long time.