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Blank serves justice well

District Attorney Dan Blank is good at his job. He is a good trial attorney and a good district attorney. I have known Dan Blank as part of our legal community for more than 25 years, and served with him on the Boys and Girls Club board of directors for many years. Dan works hard to support youth activities, and is genuinely concerned about the welfare of our youth in Douglas County. Obviously, his motivation is to help develop successful young adults, and help prevent them from getting into drugs and other crimes.

I served as our district attorney early in my career, and have been a trial attorney for 45 years. I know what it takes to be a good district attorney, and that’s why I support Dan Blank for re-election. The position requires the ability to assess the strength of the evidence, the victim impact and our community sentiment about the alleged crime. Every decision is made to accomplish justice, not necessarily to make someone happy. In fact, most DA decisions unintentionally leave some people unhappy. That’s the way it is — independent, objective decisions are necessary to uphold the integrity of the prosecutor’s position.

Dan Blank has shown great dedication to us all with his hard work. When his family was firebombed in their home many years ago, Dan could have said, "that’s enough, I quit." But he didn’t quit, and he has continued to serve the citizens of Douglas County with toughness as well as compassion.

As a long-time criminal defense attorney, I have represented many people who Dan’s office has prosecuted. Dan has always treated the defense attorneys with respect, openness and fairness. He is willing to listen to both sides of the case, and he always advocates for the victims.

Dan Blank has been our district attorney for over 25 years, and that counts for something. I urge everyone to get out and vote Aug. 9 for Dan Blank for district attorney.