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A promising DA candidate

In October 2000, we moved next door to the Fruehauf family. Their son, Mark, was 16 years old and a junior in high school at the time.

We have known Mark for over 15 years and have watched him grow and mature into the fine young man he is today. Mark has always been dedicated, focused and a high achiever who is a family-oriented man. He has always been considerate and embraces the strong family values of the Fruehauf family.

We have also retained Mark as an attorney. Mark’s expertise and knowledge of the law, his excellent listening skills, attention to detail and ability to resolve issues helped us greatly.

Throughout his life, Mark has made good choices, including marrying his wife, Julie. As a couple, they are involved in the community and devoted to making Superior a better place.

At age 32, Mark is wise beyond his years and has earned the respect of citizens of every age. He has the ability to communicate and relate to everyone.

Join us in voting for Mark Fruehauf for district attorney on Aug. 9 to make Superior a greater place to live and raise a family.