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Fruehauf offers new energy

I’ve had the privilege to interact with Attorney Mark Fruehauf on a personal and professional level, first as a friend of the family, and later as an advocate when he worked in the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office.

Mark is an extremely intelligent attorney. I have no doubt he is willing to put in the hard — often underappreciated — work to do a good job on his cases and provide efficient leadership in office.

When he was an assistant district attorney, Mark was exceptionally accessible and empathetic to the victims and survivors of sensitive crimes such as domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. These types of special victims’ crimes require a coordinated community response often driven by the prosecutor’s office. This can lead to division among community leaders. These cases demand empathy on behalf of the prosecutor when a victim or survivor recants or presents as a "non-cooperative" victim.

I have worked with victims and survivors in the criminal justice system on a daily basis for over 10 years. I have seen prosecutors get defensive, victim-blame, forge a lack of self-accountability and get frustrated.

I want to share my experience working along women and children with Mark. He provided the families and victims’ rights with the respectful consideration they deserved. He fought for justice and did his best to hold offenders accountable in an often broken system.

These are the characteristics needed for our next elected district attorney in Douglas County — someone who is not resistant to transparency or accountability by bringing people to the table together. He is someone you can approach and have a respectful debate or disagreement with because he actively listens. He is willing to reflect upon his opinion to hear yours then strive to make a fair decision.

Furthermore, I feel we need to rejuvenate the energy in the District Attorney’s Office. Mark will provide leadership to attract and retain like-minded, young professionals that will stay to invest in our community.

For these reasons and more, I have written this letter to strongly encourage you meet and vote for Mark Fruehauf as district attorney Aug. 9.