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Fruehauf offers a realistic vision

As voters, we have the responsibility to learn about the candidates and issues prior to making our decision and casting our vote. Often, we feel we know what we can expect from the incumbent. It is the challengers that we need to define, discovering what those individuals value and how they intend to work within the duties of the office for which they are running. For years, we have followed Dan Blank and we know how he has carried out his responsibilities; now, we have someone else interested in that position, Mark Fruehauf.

I first came to know Mark when he was a student in my classroom. The coursework was designed for an accelerated and challenging pace. Mark was not only eager to learn, he valued any opportunity that would add depth and perspective to his knowledge. He addressed each task with great thought, making sure the expectations were clear in his mind. His work showed creativity, understanding and persistence. It also reflected the level of quality an aspiring attorney must have to succeed in law school and in practice.

In following Mark’s career, I learned of a man who was diligent in his pursuit of justice. Driven by an acute sense of fairness, Mark has the ability to look at a problem from multiple angles; he seeks to understand victim and perpetrator. He is doggedly persistent in fact-finding. An adept listener, he can extrapolate valuable information from his interviews. His empathetic nature enables him to connect with victims, giving them the respect and attention they deserve.

One trait of Mark’s that always impressed me was his ability to formulate a plan of action — a set of guidelines. In the classroom as well as in practice, Mark knows how to generate realistic goals. He has the uncanny ability to dissect each, creating steps that would need to be addressed in order to reach the desired result. At the same time, however, he is flexible. Mark can take in and process new information, adjusting his plan of action accordingly.

It is these traits that Mark would bring to the position of Douglas County district attorney. Already he has created a realistic vision of how he believes that office could increase its effectiveness. He has studied the results of cases presented as well as their outcomes and has used that information to formulate strong victim-advocacy for those represented. Having worked in that office, he understands its rigors and demands.

Hopefully, in reading this letter, you have gained insight into the challenger, Mark Fruehauf. Now your task is to consider each candidate and determine which you believe would better serve that office. That is what I have done. I have chosen the challenger.