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Vote to solve DA problems

On July 15, there was a letter to the editor supporting Dan Blank in his re-election bid for the Douglas County District Attorney position.

The letter, titled "Blank earned your vote," talks about the problems with the District Attorney’s Office some 25 years ago that necessitated the need for a change. The letter writer states that some of those problems included a lack of sensitivity for crime victims, cases being mishandled or given low priority, and even one instance where charges were dropped due to the fact that no one from the District Attorney’s Office showed up to a court hearing.

As someone who has spent the past four years attending court hearings nearly every day, I can tell you these problems not only exist today, but exist to an even greater extent.

For the past nearly four years, I have served as courthouse security, commonly referred to as the "bailiff." In the course of that duty, I have observed cases from initiation through sentencing and beyond. Currently, there is such a backlog of cases sent for review and requests for arrest warrants that some of those cases can never be charged due to the lapse of time.

Blank likes to blame a lack of staffing for this occurrence. However, he has no problem finding time during his workdays to teach at UWS. He has stated that teaching during his workdays has no detrimental effect on his job as District Attorney, yet my extensive observations are to the contrary. Victims and the community are waiting needlessly long periods of time for justice to be served. I have observed numerous hearings at which Blank is late, unprepared, or fails to appear for at all. Is this the type of work ethic we should expect from our district attorney? I hope not, and believe that victims and our community deserve better. While numerous writers have heralded Blank for his community and civic activities, I believe his time would be better spent serving in the capacity he was elected for.

This election is all about who would be a better district attorney. My observations and interactions with Dan Blank and his opponent, Mark Fruehauf, have led me to write this letter. I have observed Mark Fruehauf as both an assistant district attorney and a defense attorney. I can say without a doubt that Mark Fruehauf will be an excellent district attorney for all of Douglas County. He has the integrity, work ethic and experience to excel in the position and will bring a fresh approach to serving our community. Please join me in voting for Mark Fruehauf on Aug. 9.