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Blank offers balance

"Dan Blank Lives Here." I didn’t know Dan 16 years ago when those signs organically sprung up throughout Superior voicing their support of our district attorney and his family. Since then, I’ve gotten to know Dan and consider him a friend as I know many have.

Dan Blank is a champion for Superior and tirelessly cheer-leads this community every opportunity he gets. There isn’t anyone I know who stays as positive and upbeat regarding Superior as Dan. People with Dan’s attitude are the foundation on which strong communities are built.

Elections are not high-school popularity contests though, and the job of district attorney is a very serious one, especially in light of current events. The difficult, life-changing decisions that are constantly demanded in the DA’s office are ones Dan takes very serious. That these decisions are front and center in the public’s eye, that they often end in results where nobody feels a claim to victory or justice, and that they seem to be occurring much more frequently, tells me that we need a district attorney who has been battle-tested.

We need a district attorney who strives for a healthy balance between "throwing away the key" and rehabilitating those who can. We need a district attorney who is willing to invest time and energy educating a community about the meth epidemic because he knows curtailing its effects before it reaches the DA’s desk is the best prosecution. We need a DA who is willing to fully evaluate situations before acting regardless of the pressure, and we need a DA who is then able to publicly handle the results of those decisions.

I believe that district attorney is Dan Blank, and I encourage you to vote Aug. 9.