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PBS Kids announces ‘Odd Squad’ to teach kids math, Reuters

PBS Kids’ new series “Odd Squad” will focus on teaching kids 5 through 8 about math.

Each episode of the show features two 11-minute cases in which agents investigate weird and unusual phenomena that require the help of math.

The show, which will air on-air and online, is created by “Electric Company” veterans Tim McKeon and Adam Peltzman. It is produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment and The Fred Rogers Company. The show is funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education through the Ready to Learn Initiative.

PBS announced the show at the Television Critics Association winter press tour Tuesday, where the network brought out “Sesame Street” characters like Cookie Monster and the Count to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the show.

The Count led the count of ways “Sesame Street” helps kids.

“We got like sizzle reel or clip or something?” Cookie Monster asked at one point.