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'Searching for Juno' tells story acoustically

Scott Johnson, front man for the local band Arcadia and owner of Northwoods Music store in Superior has recently released a new CD entitled "Searching for Juno - The True Story of an Adopted Child." Joining him on this endeavor are Kassi Couture on violin and Greg Tiburzi on percussion and harmony vocals.

This CD is a departure from Scott's others in that this seems to be more of an acoustic storytelling venture. This, in fact, is what it is.

Scott explores a subject not often considered in song and relates his story through the seven songs that deals with the subject of adoption and the range of emotions that this encompasses. While this seems like perhaps a delicate subject, it really deals with some of the larger issues of life such as family, relationships and how decisions that we make in life can have a much larger impact than we could imagine at the time.

Musically, this CD is what I would consider somewhat sparse and understated. This works nicely because the real strength of this CD is the theme. This style allows the song writing to come through very nicely. Scott does some wonderful acoustic guitar work throughout but especially on "Are We Gonna Do This Thing or Not?" and "Wonder." He uses some very nice musical phrases that are interspersed throughout this CD to display the stories.

This CD has very clean, polished sound, which is a pleasant surprise for a locally produced CD. Greg Tiburzi did a fine job balancing the sounds of three instruments and provided very nice harmony as well. His harmony added a nice touch on "Wonder" and "Are We Gonna Do This Thing or Not?"

My teenage daughter really liked his percussion work, both where it was used and the sound of it. She went so far as to say: "This doesn't suck to bad." This is high praise indeed from a teenager.

Kassi Couture does a nice job with some violin work that really adds color to the CD. This is especially evident in "Making Up for Lost Time", "Little Man" and "Second Chances." My favorite song , "Have a Little Faith," addresses some larger truths in life. The neat twist, his newly discovered half-sister co-wrote the first song "Strangers in Strange Places."

Scott could've gone in several directions with the emotions of adoption.

Scott performs with Arcadia at the Northwoods Music Festival on July 29 at Barker's Island.