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Wascott couple rings stock exchange bell

Matt Zanardo of Wascott, fourth from left, front row, rings the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange on Feb. 25 with his wife Sherry, not pictured, and other members of the Global Financial Private Capital advisor network. (Submitted photo)

Superior Telegram

A Wascott couple rang the opening bell for the New York Stock Exchange on Feb. 25. Matt and Sherry Zanardo of Northland Financial Planning Services have been serving northern Wisconsin for 12 years. They have offices in Superior, Trego and Amery. As a member of the Global Financial Private Capital advisor network, the Zanardos travelled to New York to ring the bell.

“That part of it was pretty neat, I have to admit,” Matt Zanardo said. It wasn’t the stereotypical pandemonium seen in movies, the Wascott man said. These days, everything is computerized.

The Wascott couple considers themselves wealth management dieticians, building customized plans for clients with a focus on preserving their assets. Because they are an independent organization, Zanardo said, they have the freedom to offer unbiased advice. The investment firm combines a local touch combined with Global’s national presence to keep track of investments.

A presence, Zanardo said, that demands accountability.

Advisors and executives from Global Financial were also present at the bell ringing. The event recognized an exchange trade fund that the network helped create, Zanardo said.

“We listened to what our clients needed,” he said, and worked closely with exchange trading groups and the investment team to give them what they wanted.

The trip to the stock exchange was exciting, but Zanardo said the couple is back and rolling up their sleeves to see what they can do for clients.