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Walker understands ‘fiscal responsibility’

Mary Burke wants credit for working as former Gov. Jim Doyle’s commerce secretary, but that means she also has to take credit for harmful policies she helped to craft, like the 2007-2009 state budget.

In that budget, Doyle and Burke went wild with out-of-control spending. They had to include billions of dollars in new taxes that hit the pocketbooks of Wisconsin families just to pay for their waste.

Then, because raising taxes wasn’t enough, they turned around and took money from segregated funds meant to pay for things like transportation and compensating injured patients.

Burke called this budget “fiscally responsible” even though it stuck us with a $5.4 billion shortfall.

It seems that Gov. Scott Walker has a slightly different definition of “fiscal responsibility” than Burke does. He balanced our budget and did it without raising taxes — in fact, he’s cut taxes for all Wisconsinites by billions of dollars. We should re-elect Gov. Walker to prevent another fiscal catastrophe.