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Walker agenda divides state

Almost four years ago to most Wisconsin citizens, Gov. Scott Walker was largely an unknown politician. He said he was pro-job creation and would open Wisconsin for business and create 250,000 family-supporting jobs.

Soon after his election, he went after public workers’ unions and public education. The people became polarized as the hidden agenda came out. Some people liked the agenda and some despised it. Thousands protested against the agenda. The Legislature passed it. Wisconsin was divided.

Most interesting was the video of him meeting with campaign donor, billionaire Diane Hendricks. She asked him how he was going to make Wisconsin a “right-to-work state.” He said, “Divide and conquer.”

Workers in “right-to-work” states are paid lower wages. Billionaires can pay their workers less. Is this the plan?

What is the hidden agenda if he remains? Will there be empathy for private-sector employees, or will it all be reserved for billionaire donors? There will be campaign rhetoric and many millions of dollars in campaign advertisements, but how have the last four years been, and where is Wisconsin now?