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Video shows what happened

My opinion of the George Gothner arrest incident of Jan. 5 is like many who saw the TV news video of it. The video shows that excessive, brutal force was used by Officer Gothner while taking the woman into custody.

It is obvious that he is the person in authority, is twice the size and twice as strong as the woman he was arresting and that his continued beating of her was completely unnecessary.

The Telegram article of March 11 covered the story well as far as it went. But it would be interesting to know what the redacted and unavailable records regarding Gothner’s performance contain.

It is true that every police department has brutal officers that have an overblown estimation of their power and importance and have forgotten their duty is to serve the people, not overpower them. Is it possible that Gothner is one of those types?

All members of the police department know who they are, they dare not speak up and possibly jeopardize their work positions. This may not be true in this case, but having been in law enforcement myself I know whereof I speak.

It will be interesting to learn how this case is handled by the powers-that-be. Will it be judged fairly and justly according to the evidence; or a whitewash to save the reputation of the accused and the Superior Police Department?