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Tax code based on spite

I don’t know what else I can write about taxes. I have tried to clarify our current system for 16 years. The income tax is the most expensive, devastating tax collection system ever devised. Whether it is currently flat or graduated doesn’t matter since it will always devolve into a graduated system.

Very few Americans understand the costs involved with an income tax. They should realize our Founding Fathers absolutely forbade an income tax. Logic concludes that businesses cannot pay a tax without collecting it from a client or a consumer.

Imagine tracking the incomes of millions of workers, the various incomes, the various hours. Some say this is all computer work. But who enters these numbers? Who writes the computer codes? Then there are deductions, but why? These must balance some inane desire to equalize results.

The entire tax system is based on class warfare; if you make more than me, you must be harmed. I would ask if this is a premise you want your children raised on?

If your child earns an A, must your kid share that grade with a D student? If you work overtime, should you share it with someone who likes to sleep in? This tax system is based on hatred of those who perform. If you like your work, and work long hours, prepare to have your livelihood taken from you.

Hatred, envy, spite and sloth, what a base for an income tax system. I offer you the FairTax. It is H.R. 25 and S. 122.

Pay taxes when you want on what you want. There are no tax forms or record keeping.