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Superior Curling Club host 81st Northwest Bonspiel

DeVore team members, (L to R): Lucy DeVore, Hudson Turner, Doug Cameron and Phil DeVore. 1 / 4
Loney team members, (L to R): Gord Hoskins, Gary Sliworsky, Mark Loney and Mark Pedersen.2 / 4
Bradshaw team members, (L to R): Erin Bradshaw, Steven Bradshaw, John Bradshaw and Jim Bradshaw.3 / 4
Davis team members, (L to R): Kirk Adams, Darryl Solem, Bob Davis and Ryan Davis.4 / 4

Superior Telegram

The 81st annual Northwest Bonspiel concluded with four championship games Sunday afternoon at the Superior Curling Club.

The Phil DeVore Rink, of the Duluth Curling Club, was victorious in the A event of the bonspiel. Skip Phil DeVore curled with teammates Hudson Turner, Doug Cameron and Lucy DeVore. Each winning team member received an unique wooden curling stone to commemorate their victory.

The Mark Loney Rink, from the Fort Francis Curling Club, claimed the championship of the B event. Skip Loney participated with teammates Gord Hoskins, Gary Sliworsky and Mark Pedersen.

The Jim Bradshaw Rink, of the Superior Curling Club, were the winners of the C event. Skip Jim Bradshaw curled with teammates Erin, Steven and John Bradshaw.

The Ryan Davis Rink, from the Itasca Curling Club, was victorious in the D event. Skip Ryan Davis participated with teammates Kirk Adams, Darryl Solem and Bob Davis.