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Superior can do better for animals

We are getting a new animal shelter.

Oh wait, no we are not.

The citizens of Superior scratch their heads in disbelief as our city administration says one thing and does another. The new shelter was supposed to break ground this spring. The plans were drawn, funds were allocated and the site was chosen by the council; all that remained was a capital campaign to raise the remaining $400,000. And believe me those funds would of been raised.

This city , this area is comprised of people who are compassionate, caring, and we love our critters. As I write this letter there are two rescue dogs lying at my feet just daring me to make a move without them. Who in their lives has not been touched by the unconditional love of an animal? How, in good conscience, can we deny them a safe modern, humane shelter as they await their next home?

This is a nonpartisan feel good project that would of united this community and made everyone proud. Our mayor, who was a proponent of the new shelter, has now decided that Superior should rely on a more progressive city like Duluth to dispose of or somehow relocate our animals. I think Superior can do a better job with our animals then ship them over the bridge to an unknown fate.

There is a council meeting on Tuesday March 18. I would humbly suggest that Superior residents attend or at the very least contact your councilperson and let them know what you think.